AIRP Management Solutions

AIRP Management Solutions Ltd. is a leading, and independent management and business information technology company strategically based in Asia.
Since its founding in 2009, AIRP Management Solutions Ltd. has maintained its head-quarters in Hong Kong, and has supported numerous enterprises worldwide in their quest to successfully expand their business ventures in Asia in a substantial and sustainable manner.


Industry Profiles draw on extensive primary and secondary research, all aggregated, analyzed,
cross-checked and presented in a consistent and accessible style.

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    Review of In-House Databases

    Created using numerous consumer surveys and supported by analysis from industry experts using highly complex modeling & forecasting tools, In-house databases provide the foundation for all related industry profiles.

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    Preparatory Research

    Thru maintaining extensive in-house databases of news, analyst commentary, company profiles and macroeconomic & demographic information, which enable the author to build an accurate market overview.

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    Market definitions are standardized to allow comparison from country to country. The parameters of each definition are carefully reviewed at the start of the research process to ensure they match the requirements of both the market and AIRP Management Solutions Ltd. clients.

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    Extensive Secondary Research

    Extensive secondary research activities ensure the reports are always fully up-to-date with the latest industry events and trends the author aggregates and analyzes a number of secondary information sources, including:

    - National/Governmental statistics
    - International data (official international sources)
    - National and international trade associations
    - Broker and analyst reports
    - Company annual reports
    - Business information libraries and databases

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    Modeling & Forecasting Tools

    The author has developed powerful tools that allow quantitative and qualitative data to be combined with related macroeconomic and demographic drivers to create market models and forecasts, which can then be refined according to specific competitive, regulatory and
    demand-related factors.

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    Continuous Quality Control

    Continuous quality control ensures that all processes and profiles remain focused, accurate and up-to-date.

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